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townsville treemulchas pty ltd safety and environment

    Timber clearing services
    from North QLD’s expert mulchers

    Whether it’s a timber clearing job, mulching, excavation or freight work, Townsville Treemulchas Pty Ltd always provides a safe and reliable service for all customers. We adhere to all the relevant safety legislation and take every care to ensure that professional standards are met at all times, for everyone’s peace of mind. All of our equipment and machinery are also maintained to a suitably high standard.


    At Townsville Treemulchas Pty Ltd, we’ve completed many projects over the past 11 years that required the highest level of compliance to Workplace Health and Safety, and Environmental Awareness. With this in mind, we’re fully code-compliant for all government-type contracts and have completed a range of projects, including work for:

    • Main roads
    • The armed forces
    • State and local government departments

    Committed to delivering a safe service at all times, we regularly update our ‘Safe Work Method Statements’, ‘Working With Live Parts’, and our ‘Daily Checklist’. This ensures that we maintain the utmost safety standards for ourselves, our employees and anyone else involved in our operations.

    We also carry all relevant insurances and public liability policies.

    Codes of practice/standards consulted:

    • Workplace Health & Safety Act 2011
    • Workplace Health & Safety Regulation 2011
    • Plant Code of Practice 2005
    • QLD COP Hazardous Substances 2003
    • QLD COP Workplace Health & Safety Consultation
    • Co-operation & Co-ordination 2011
    • QLD COP Hazardous Manual Tasks 2011
    • QLD COP Managing the risk of falls at workplaces 2011

    Details of maintenance checks for activity: 

    • Daily Plant Checklist
    • Pre-start

    Personnel qualifications for activity:

    • Relevant Work Cover Ticket for task has been undertaken 
    • Construction Industry Card
    • Plant operators tickets
    • Site-specific induction

    Insurances and public liability for activity:

    • All vehicles are registered and fully insured
    • Public liability is provided


    Due to the nature of our work, we understand the importance of being sensitive to environmental and wildlife issues when completing any project.

    With this in mind, we always take care to have minimal impact on the environment and use a Wildlife Catcher/Spotter on all projects, to ensure species are protected.

    Our spotter-catcher has worked with us on a number of projects and hails from NQ Animal Control Services (Cairns Snake Removals:  www.cairnssnakes.com.au  ). Having experienced his work first-hand, we can confidently recommend his services.

    Meanwhile, to safeguard the environment, we advocate the use of mulch, which is one of the most effective silt barriers and dust controllers, so is ideal for many projects.

    Mulch also restores nutrients to the soil and helps to retain soil moisture, so is extremely beneficial to the natural world.

    We also now use recycling machines instead of burning green waste, which not only helps the environment but also saves our customers money. They can also use the green waste on their projects as desired.

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